Sunday, July 25, 2010

Joel Hurt House

The home was built in 1857 by the founder of Hurtsboro, Joel Hurt, Sr. (1813-1861) and his wife, Lucy Long Hurt (1822-1915). Their saw mill, constructed near Hurtsboro Creek, provided lumber for the home and surrounding community. With the addition of the Mobile & Girard Railroad, the town of Hurtsboro was established and flourished. One of the Hurt's eleven children, Joel Hurt, Jr. (1850-1926) resided here as a child and later played a major role in the architectural development of Atlanta, Georgia. The home was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.
The one story Greek Revival asymmetrical structure presents an expansive front porch with nine columns and a connecting north porch with three columns. The home received significant updating and Edwardian decoration in 1906 including the ornate varnished entrance portal with double doors. An elegant central hallway features pressed tin covered ceiling and walls accented with paired ionic wood columns on paneled bases connected by carved wood valences. The home was fully renovated in 2002 while preserving its unique charm and architecture.


Jacob said...

Such a graceful and elegant edifice. And your photo certainly does it justice. Have you ever been inside? I'll bet that would be especially interesting.

Hilda said...

It's a handsome and elegant house, especially in its simplicity. If we ever build a new house from scratch, I'd like it to have a wrap-around porch like this.

maiaT said...

It's a beautiful, big house, simple but elegant architecture. I sure the inside is elegant too.

To your question on my calendulas: I took the first and the photo in wide format. I turned it to 90 degrees right, copied it and pasted near the original after I flipped the copy. They are indoors photos, that's why the color is darker.
Have a beautiful week!