Monday, July 5, 2010

Goat Rock Lake

Goat Rock Recreation Area. $3.00 parking fee. You can drown a few worms or minnows. Take a walk to the dam or launch your boat for a cruise around the lake. Goat Rock Lake is below the dam. Lake Harding is above the dam. A third lake in this string along the river is Lake Oliver, just south of this location.
The land is owned by Alabama Power; hence the sign warning of overhead power lines.


Jacob said...

I think you've shown this lake in a previous post or two. It is beautiful! Love your comment about drowning bait...been there, done that!

Re your comment on Cedar Key: Yes, they have a small hotel/motel right out over the water. I've not seen the inside, but it certainly would be a scenic place in the center of the action to stay for a few days.

Icy BC said...

Gorgeous scenery! It looks so nice on a hot day like what we have today 99 degree..

cieldequimper said...

I think I'll just have a picnic if that's ok with you!

Jacob said...

Me again! I've been having lots of problems with Blogger today...wouldn't let me post any comments at all.

Now, I've noticed that it says the comments have been "moderated" but they're not showing up on the blogs!

Seems like a worldwide problem.

Hopefully, they'll get things fixed soon!