National Infantry Museum, Fort Benning, GA

The communities of Fort Benning, Columbus, and Phenix City are closely linked.
Always have been and I suspect they always will be. Often called the 'Tri-City' area, 
Fort Benning and Columbus provide the jobs. Phenix City provides the labor.
Unfortunately, that means we don't have movie theaters, malls, or a large number of
restaurants to choose from in Phenix City. One of these days, the city leaders
will figure out that we have a lot of people living over here and that we would like some
'local' services. My sales tax dollars, more often than not, support Muscogee county schools. 
It would be nice if I could spend my hard-earned dollars, and tax revenues, to support my community. 


Hilda said…
I hope your wish comes true soon.

Love your low angle here! Great symmetry.
Jacob said…
Excellent composition...leads one right into that entrance. Great-looking building, too. Maybe you need to start a Phenix City caucus group to pressure the county commissioners to provide you with more services?

Of course, if they're like our county commissioners, they won't care...they just work for the corporate boys.

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