Nimrod Long House

Nimrod Washington Long moved to Alabama from Georgia in the 1830s. A planter, mill owner and state legislator, he had real estate and railroad interests in Russell County. This house was the plantation home of Nimrod Washington Long in Spring Hill, Barbour County. In 1875, his son, Nimrod William Ezekiel Long(1834-1923), had the house dismantled, the pieces numbered, transported by ox cart and reassembled on this site. Nimrod William Ezekiel Long was a civil engineer, Confederate veteran, planter and merchant who lived here until his death. The house is an example of Greek Revival architecture.


Jacob said…
Goodness, this looks almost identical to the Hurt house from yesterday. They are both gorgeous!
Hilda said…
Jacob said it. I had to scroll down just to make sure it wasn't the same house. And I still want a wrap-around porch!
Ann WH said…
This home belonged to my G.G. Great Grandfather. My Great Great Grandmother would have lived there! How fascinating. I hope to visit there and see it soon.

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