Theme Day - Reflections

My favorite fountain and the green space that surrounds it reflected in the building in which I work.
The light you see is in the executive parking garage.
I never really thought about it before, but the darkly tinted glass works really well for this sort of shot and I like the grid-work. It reminds me of an art project I did when I was in grade school.
Boy, is that a blast from the past.
We took a cartoon and drew grids on it. We then took a larger sheet of paper adding the same number of grids and 'drew' the cartoon. Having the grids allowed you to recreate the cartoon to scale. More recently, I used this technique to create a mosaic of a photograph that I took in Hawaii.


Hilda said…
Heehee, I remember that drawing exercise too!

The trees are planted so neatly on a grid! Matches the grid of the glass very well. Another art class lesson: repetition. :)
Jacob said…
This is a superb reflection photo! I don't remember that drawing exercise! :-)

Re cheerleaders: Nah. We were there to support a friend of ours who coached the opposing team!
cieldequimper said…
Perfect, I like the light inside.
Virginia said…
Perfect reflection!

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