Fresh Market

Fresh Market is opening in Columbus today.
I have never been to a Fresh Market so I looked them up online.
In short, they are a gourmet supermarket, headquartered out of Greensboro, NC. 
I think I will give it a month or so before I go for a visist. 
Let things calm down a bit. 


Paula said…
I'm not one to rush in at an opening but I'll bet you're going to love it once you cruise the aisles.
Randy said…
Good idea. I would wait too. The opening of the new Sunflower market here in town was not the place to be on opening day. Nice shot!
Jacob said…
Deja vu! There is one of these that looks exactly like this in The Villages! We've never been there, either...but will try it one of these days.
Hilda said…
A gourmet supermarket? I've never even heard of anything like that. Take pictures inside if you can!

I feel like a wine bottle. My word verification is "corkinme." :D
maiaT said…
Is this a real picture? It is so perfectly clear as it would a photo of a model.
Yes, I'd like to see the pictures too, if you decide to go. There are probably gourmet prices too.
cieldequimper said…
That's very good of you. I would want to check it out immediately!

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