JBs Polish Sausage with Comeback Sauce

This is JB. He sells polish sausage with comeback sauce and sauteed onions and green peppers.
A combo, with a beverage and chips will set you back $4. Worth every penny too. 
Previously of Athens, GA, he now calls Phenix City home. I ran into him at Auto Zone and he  
invited me over to the Big Lots parking lot to check out his other cart.
Quite a celebrity in Athens, I located an article from a couple of years ago. 
Interested in reading more? Click here. You can check out his FB page here.


Virginia said…
WEll that rips it. I'm moving to PC. Hold on.....I'm coming!!!
Randy said…
Can they FED EX, ha ha. Sounds great and I love your photograph. He looks so proud.
cieldequimper said…
He looks really nice, I like the smile. But not Polish! :-)
He needs to open a branch in my town.
Jacob said…
I ran into a guy that sold these kinds of sausages at a golf course once. Yummy!
Paula said…
I love links, sausage and otherwise. I did not know about comeback sauce but I surely wish I did.
Boss Silvery said…
Hello and when you read this I would be saying. Great morning to you as well.. my name is INdya. We have not meet one another before, but you and I have a mutual acquaintance. . I know a wonderful man known as Mr. J.B. He owned a cart in Athens Ga for about 30 plus years amd has been off the scene for the past 8 years or so. The reason I felt a need to reach out to some people I saw in support of him is because I was helped by this man and he is in need.. I am a single mother of 6 and this man I met at the food bank, and just over hearing my conversation to another lady who was waiting for food, he pulled me to the side and went into his pocket and gave me enough money to gas my car and buy the toiletries we needed.. I didn't understand how or why this man. Who was in the same line as I was would give me anything. Yet alone money. After telling me just a little about his business I searched him on line literally Dec 2,2014 and found all kinds of info on his life and where he came from the hardships then and now.. I saw that he was a true puller in his community that helped the less fortunate.
I just met him but I am really want to put a fund raiser together to help out with raising the money he is in nees of to get the proper permits to operate once again. To be able to allow a real God sent to do what God, sent him to do.
We are supposed to support our fellow man when doing things oh so important and that's never giving up and always striving to work hard for what you want in life.. A self made business owner. Please forward this message share it with any person that could help in contributing. I have alot of ideas for this and im looking for real supports of Mr. J.B and his POLAR SAUSAGE and that oh so magic"COME back SAUCE! !" Feel free to reach out to me here or email me at indya101@gmail or phone 6787880160. Thank you in advance for even taking the time to read this. More thanks for stepping up and out to help with something that will help so many others.

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