My First Trip to the Fresh Market

I took my first visit to the Fresh Market today. I have to tell you, it is a bit overwhelming. 
An onslaught of people, color, and freshly brewed coffee. Really, sensory overload. 
My eyes did not know where to stop first and the rest of me just followed. As you enter, 
you run right into the flowers and produce. Juicy, red, ripe tomatotes, green and white asparagus, and 
huge green artichokes. I almost bought a cactus fruit, something I've heard of, but never tried.
I kept to the edges on this first trip which ensures a return visit. 
I'll let you know how that goes. 



Hilda said…
Okay, this is weird. I see the thumbnail just fine (and the market looks great), but it's not loading for me here.
cieldequimper said…
This is heaven for me, as long as there aren't too many pesticides!
Rambling Round said…
Wow! Is this in Phenix City? I see how you could be overwhelmed!
Is this in Phoenix City? Fresh Marked is based in Greensboro, NC!!!! Yay! I'll link to it tomorrow!
Jacob said…
I think this is the third outdoor market I've seen posted today! They are wonderful places and I hope you like the stuff you bought...

Re your comment on The, we're not on the road yet...soon, though...
Paula said…
That's how I remember the first one I went to in Asheville, NC. The lighting was a little strange but a lot of people liked it.

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