One Really BIG Spider

Taken: 8/21/2010
In plane sight in the Wisteria. T0 gain perspective on the size, we included the bottom shot. 


Randy said…
Ok and I thought ours were big! Very scary!
LD said…
That first one is both beautiful and freaky..then the second one..can't believe you got so close to something that could have leaped on your hand like a tree frog. You're very brave.
cieldequimper said…
It's beautiful! It didn't budge? The last time I tried to do a macro I spooked the poor thing! Wonderful shot!
Hilda said…
Eeeeek! That looks scarier than my hunter spiders. It's a beauty though, and Tom's macro is fantastic!
Steffe said…
That's a beauty! And I really like that first photo.

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