Theme Day - Bright Colors

You can't get much brighter than this. I did help the color along a little, but not too much.


cieldequimper said…
Yesterday's shoes could have done almost as well as this! Ouch, it IS bright! ;-)

P.S.: How does one actually walk in those shoes?
Birdman said…
Lots of color here. Cool yellows!
Mo said…
That sure is btight!
Jazzy said…
the brightest photos so far.
happy august theme day!
Jacob said…
Yikes! That will require sunglasses! Very nice, Barb.

Re the Bolles School: It's a private, coed school that shares the property with the ATP Tennis group...a friend of ours was married on the tennis courts with a tennis theme. Fun!
Lynette said…
Great Theme Day post! Mine is up at Portland Oregon Daily Photo.
Hilda said…
Whoa! Not just regular bright, but neon! Crazy but fun colors!

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