Sunday, September 5, 2010

14th Street Bridge - Now and Then

A while back I came across some vintage postcards of Columbus and Phenix City and I decided to see
if I could recreate some of the cards with images from today from the same perspective. Not too long ago I posted a shot of Goat Rock Dam, but I was on the wrong side of the river. I did much better with today's shot. I had to haul a ladder to the bridge to get high enough. As you can see, most of the buildings from the postcard are gone. The old mill building in the left of the frame on the postcard is now a parking garage. The mill building on the right side of the bridge was demolished about 10 years ago, but they saved the cupola. I do not know what happened to it. 
Postcard from the collection of Pat Sabin.


Tracy said...

I love seeing old and new photos. Great idea.

LD said...

Interesting to compare. There's a great deal of "poetic license" in the postcard image but I suppose there's a lot of poetic license in memory as well!

Hilda said...

This is a wonderful comparison, Barb! The bridge is amazingly the same, even if the buildings are so different.

Sorry to hear about Tom's Blackberry.

Ann said...

I had to google what Mint Julep is. Why do you like it?

Thanks for visiting.

Jacob said...

Oh boy, this is just excellent, Barb. And kinda funny...I can just see you hauling a ladder to the bridge and climbing up it to get the shot!

Re the little dog - He was waiting for his mistress to come out of the restaurant which was directly behind me...When I stepped out to grab this shot he perked up thinking maybe I had some food for him!

Paula said...

That's great, a grand idea. I hope you do more.