Bus Station Memories - Cheryl Mann Hardin

"Bus Station Memories"
Painted by Cheryl Mann Hardin, 1999
Country's on Broad, Columbus, GA
This is one of my personal favorites.


Rambling Round said…
I love this nostalgic mural! Wonderful!
cieldequimper said…
I can see why. God I love this! Enjoy your weekend!
Virginia said…
Well if that doesn't make you happy while you munch your hamburger and slurp your fountain Coke, I don't know what will!

PS I want some more info on the "sauce" you mentioned on my blog.
Jacob said…
Those were the days, my friend. Not always good days but certainly had something lacking today it seems.
Paula said…
I like this very much, the great paintings as well as the bright tables and chairs. I hope the food did it justice.

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