Can You Tell Me Where to Find the Post Office?

Mail trucks at Chik Fil A. 
I believe I have mentioned before that I am a member of Toastmasters. Our club supports a Youth Leadership program at a local elementary school. Last year I came up with the idea of the 'Sandwich Award' to encourage our students to provide thoughtful and constructive speech evaluations to their peers. This is the formula: something the speaker did well + something the speaker needs to work on + another positive comment--a sandwich. Along with the award we give the kids a coupon for a free chicken sandwich at their local Chik Fil A. We found that positive reinforcement (and food) is the way to get these kids motivated. I was at the Chik Fil A to request a batch of coupons for this year. Hence the shot of the mail trucks. There was a fourth one in the lot, but parked to far from these three. 
FYI, JB's Comeback Sauce is delicious. I am sure the name came from customers
who said 'they just had to come back for more'. I asked him how he came up with the
name, but I got the impression he did not want to divulge any trade secrets.


Jacob said…
Hi Barb! I tried to comment twice on your blogs yesterday but Blogger wiped them out with an "Error." Don't know what happened.

Hopefully, this will go through! Nice to hear from you and thanks for all your kind comments!

I think the USPS is super...and our mail carriers do a great job. And it's cheap!

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