The Cedars

In 1836, John Banks and his wife, the former Sarah Watkins, both natives of Elbert Co., Ga., moved to Columbus, bought this property (then totalling 265 acres) in the fashionable suburb of Wynnton and began construction of this Greek Revival house. Already a successful lawyer and merchant, Banks became involved in banking and manufacturing, the operation of large plantations south of the city, and local philanthropy including the co-founding of the Synnton School on his property. The Cedars, his family residence, boasts 18-inch thick exterior brick walls and interior faux graining and marbling. It has remained continuously in the Banks family.


Jacob said…
This is a gorgeous old house, you can bank on that!

I enjoy your historical posts very much - not only the photos, but the commentary.

Paula said…
Is this an estate or just a private home. You've been posting some great images (you always do) but I LOVE that aerial spinner thingy. WOW!

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