Columbus Public Library - Now and Then

Columbus Public Library
1423 Broad Street
Built with a grant from Andrew Carnegie opened in 1907 at the north end of Broad Street just past
the 14th Street Bridge adjacent to Muscogee Mills on Motts Green, which was used for public events. The
city sold Motts Green to the mill in 1947. The library operated in this location until 1950 when the
Bradley Memorial Library opened in the Wynnton area. The building became part of the mill complex
and was torn down, along with the mill in the fall of 1997 for the TSYS corporate campus.
Postcard scanned from Columbus, GA in Vintage Postcards by Kenneth H. Thomas Jr.


Hilda said…
I amazed that the entrance and back arch (or whatever they're called) are both still fully intact. Lovely details on the entrance too.

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