Eagle and Phenix Mills

Eagle and Phenix Mills
On the Phenix City Riverwalk looking East toward Columbus. 
 FYI, the Chattahoochee River is NEVER this color blue and the sky is NEVER turqoise.
I was shooting for HDR and this is the result.
Hope you had a labor-free Labor Day Monday.


Hilda said…
And the result is awesome!
Jacob said…
Isn't that fun! I love to play around and see what comes out! Actually, this is superb!
Absolutely stunning, Barbara, and a part of Alabama's history that should be preserved.
Randy said…
That is amazing! Love the rich color.
Paula said…
That's beautiful Barb, you did a superb job. Definitely one for the wall AND the gallery.
cieldequimper said…
Ooooooooh, how wonderful. I wish I knew how to!

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