Shower Curtain

I have heard that [some] photographers keep going back to the same place to take pictures over and over again. I think I am of those photographers. I can't seem to break away from this river. Some days it's calm and lazy. Other days it's busy and fast. On this day, it was relatively calm, but I was lucky they didn't open the locks at Oliver Dam or I would have been stranded on the rocks.
The river was quiet
No fish
No fisherman 
The rocks
The water


Jacob said…
Yes, some photographers do go back to the same place again and again. Of course, sane ones don't go out on the rocks in the middle of a river where they could be stranded or swept downstream! Sheesh! Will you please be more careful!

Beautiful shot, though and I love the very apt title!
ramy_v said…
Spectacular capture. Like the point of view as well.

Houston Daily Photo
Jacob said…
Hi Barb - re your comment re my comment: YIKES!!!
Randy said…
I can't blame you for going back, that is beautiful. I do the same thing too.
Rambling Round said…
Great picture! Hope you didn't get your camera wet.
cieldequimper said…
This is a gorgeous shot.
Hilda said…
This is a wonderful photo, Barb! I just love it! I'm glad you didn't get stranded there too.

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