Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jones Crossroads Country Store

Troup and Harris County residents first settled at the crossroads of the LaGrange-Whitesville-Columbus Stagecoach route and the West Point to King's Gap Road in the late 1820's. Named for local landowner, Christopher Columbus Jones (1831-1904) and his son Monroe, Jones Crossroads once had several flourishing businesses, including a cotton gin, a racehorse track, a tavern, and a U.S. post office called Paulina. Monroe Jones established the rock store in 1903 which members of the Avery Family have owned and operated since the 1920's.


Jacob said...

Hi Barb!

This is a beautiful old store...and thanks for the history. Rather amazing. Beautiful shot, too.

We just got back from a 4,000 mile trip to Colorado...went through Phenix City twice, but had no time to stop - we drove 3 eleven-hour days each way! I did think about you, though. Maybe you felt your ears burning?

Randy said...

Looks like my kind of store!

Hilda said...

Lovely and charming stone store! I just love the combination of stone and wood.

LD said...

What a fantastic time warp place. Just fantastic. Love the stuff on the porch. I wish more stores were like this.