Muscogee County Courthouse - Now and Then

The 'new' courthouse was constructed in the late '60's, early '70's.
The 'old' courthouse was demolished in the early '70's.
I prefer the postcard courthouse with the green space around it.
On the day I took this shot, yesterday, the Tea Party was having a tea party.
They didn't have any scones so I didn't hang around.
This is an example of Beaux Arts architecure. The courthouse was built in 1896.
Vintage postcard from the collection of Pat Sabin.


Randy said…
I think I prefer it in the old days. It had so much character.
cieldequimper said…
I do too. Sorry but compared with the old, the new is horrible. I don't mean to offend but sometimes I just don't understand people...
Hilda said…
Aaw, I like the old one much better too. I really have a hard time appreciating mid-century modern.
Paula said…
Oh, dear without scones it just isn't a tea party. There's some serious contrast between the two court houses, I wonder if the judicial system is better or worse.

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