On the Riverwalk

It was a beautiful day in the Chattahoochee Valley. The temps were in the low 80's and the humidity was non-existant. I washed my car and headed down to the river to see what I could find (not necessarily in that order). This brightly colored butterfly caught my eye so I moved in for the portrait. As you can see, she cooperated and sat still long enough for me to capture the shot. Although, I wish she had been facing the camera. TOM was fishing...I mean falling in the river, so we had to go home after about an hour. 


Hilda said…
Lovely butterfly macro & portrait, Barb! But LOL, did Tom really fall in the river? Hope he's fine (aside from a bruised ego, that is). :)
Jacob said…
Just superb! And so hard to get! I've got tons of butterfly shots but very few are any good.

Tom fell in the river? Maybe he was trying to catch a fish with his hands?
Paula said…
Oops! I hope he brought something home that was as worthy as this photograph. It's beautiful, such rich colors.

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