What Parking Ticket

I was in Uptown waiting for my son when I saw something interesting. 
The business area has two-hour parking on weekdays. The parking police come by every two hours in their little golf carts and mark the back tires with white chalk. When they come back, anyone that has overstayed their welcome is issued a $17 parking citation. Employees in the uptown area that don't park in the garages, either because they can't afford the fee or it is not convenient, get a large number of parking tickets. Periodically throughout the day, people will come out and erase the chalk from the tires, thereby saving everyone $17. On this day, this un-named young man erased about $100 in parking fees.


Rambling Round said…
Caught in the act, that's for sure! Sounds like there's a need for more employee parking spaces.

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