The Wynn House

The Wynn House was built in 1839 when the city of Columbus was 11 years old. Greek Revival in style, the house has Doric columns on three sides and is topped with a cupola. Originally named “Oakview,” the house was built by Colonel William Wynn, for whom the Wynnton area of Columbus is named.

In 1852 Henry Hurt purchased the home from Colonel Wynn, but sold it in 1855 having never lived in it. The next owner, Mr. Hines Holt, was a prominent Georgia congressman and attorney. During the Civil War, his ownership saved the home from the Union Army captain sent to burn the homes in this area. The home remained in the Holt family for 50 years.

In 1905, Mr. J. T. (Tom) Cooper purchased the house and moved the structure closer to Wynnton Road so the land behind the house could be subdivided. Local legend supports that the house was moved a little too close to Wynnton Road when the mule team moving the house was left unattended at lunchtime!

In 1932 the house was bought and completely restored by Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Butler.
The historic structure became the home of the CFA in 1958.

Today the Wynn House and grounds are the site of numerous events, including The Heritage Ball, weddings, receptions, luncheons, parties, meetings, and other special occasions. 


Randy said…
Nice post. I love historical homes.
Hilda said…
It's a beautiful and grand ol' house and I'm kind of happy that more people can enjoy it now.
Rambling Round said…
What a beautiful treasure!

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