Y-M-C-A - Now and Then

Central YMCA
Dedicated in 1903, this marble structure was completed in 1907.
This building was replaced earlier this year with an updated, state-of-art, YMCA three blocks north.
An addition added in 1952 was demolished in June (it was not an attractive addition).
I don't know what they have in store for this building, but I am glad they didn't tear it down.
It is currently owned by the First Presbyterian Church of Columbus.
A few years ago, I was teaching yoga classes here and during my first class (on April Fools Day) the 
power went out. The room we were using was on the third floor and it was like navigating a maze to get to it. The emergency lights failed and we did not have a phone to call the front desk. No one had a flashlight...go figure...so hand on shoulder my students and I worked our way through the maze down to the first floor.  A very interesting first class. Thankfully, it was never repeated.
Vintage postcard from the collection of Pat Sabin.


An April Fools to remember :) Beautiful building. I hope they find a purpose for it.
Jacob said…
A gorgeous old building! This one must be maintained and restored. Maybe the Presbyterians can find a good use for it!

Funny story about the lights going out...

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