Crimson Tide

I found this feisty pachyderm in the front yard of one of my neighbors. 
I am not much of a football fan, but if I had to choose a team, I would pick University of Alabama.
One--because I live here and two--he's cute, oh and three--I don't like orange and blue (Auburn). 


Kate said…
Hmm! Looks like the Scarlet Letter to me, but since this is football, I guess it's for Alabama!
Well, will you stop visiting my blog if I tell you I am an Auburn fan????
Jacob said…
Cute. Pachyderm? What the heck is that? ;-)

College football is nuts! We should just pay the players and recognize the fact that it's the pro's minor leagues.

In this area most nutcases belong to the University of Florida (speaking of blue and gold).

I didn't know a Wayne movie was made at the Gorge...would make sense, though. And yes, they allow vehicles on the bridge, which I think is crazy. What it someone (an elderly person like me!) hit the gas instead of the brakes or had a heart attack, or ? What a mess that would be.

And I didn't even like watching those fools fly out over the gorge!

Hope you have a great weekend.

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