Cuartel Barracks

Above: Front Entrance of Olson Hall, Building 399. This is the billeting facility where visiting soldiers and those at Ft. Benning to attend training are housed. I came to work here every day for seven years. 
In 1919, the 29th Infantry Regiment arrived at Camp Benning and immediately assumed the duties of the Demonstration Regiment for the then-new Infantry School. Additionally, the 29th was given the mission of  building the post. For eight years the men of the 29th lived in tents while they built the Cuartel Barracks, Gowdy Field, and Doughboy Stadium, among other things. During this time the Regiment adopted the motto "We Lead The Way" in light of its mission as Demonstration Regiment and trainers for the Infantry School.
The word "cuartel", of Spanish origin, means barracks for troops. There are three cuartels at Ft. Benning, comprising seven separate buildings. These photos are of the first cuartel, Olson Hall, completed in 1929. Olson Hall has more than 1/2 mile of covered porch - the longest known undivided porch in the world which put Olson Hall, and its porch, in the Guiness Book of World Records. 
This is the interior of the cuartel, shaped like a U. Soldiers from all over the world stay here. 
Back in the day, the first level (with the arched entries) was where horses were stabled.  


Jacob said…
Absolutely fascinating! I never knew Fort Benning was built during WWI. And the infantry built it! What an impressive construction.

It's huge! And you worked there for seven years. I can imagine you saw and heard some very interesting people and things.

This place is certainly an upgrade from the old WWII wooden barracks I slept in during my stay in the Navy!
Randy said…
Wow, interesting post!
Hilda said…
I like that it doesn't look like a military barracks. To my eyes, it looks more like a school. Fascinating information about the regiment and the former stables too. And I like the name of that Doughboy Stadium! :)
cieldequimper said…
Interesting and imposing.

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