Emelia Earhart at the Ramble

World famous Amelia Earhart was at the Ramble!
The story of her visit to Columbus was recorded in the book,
Columbus on the Chattahoochee by Etta Blanchard Worsley
Published by Columbus Office Supply in 1951
At each stop on the tour, we heard stories from Miss Etta's book. She wrote of Columbus Society. The parties they had, the houses they lived in, the churches they attended. All in all, the tour was very interesting. A search on Amazon located one book for sale at the rock bottom price of $200. 
I would love to get my hands on that book, but I guess I will have to go to the library.
Back to Miss Earhart, she was about to tell us where she's been the last few years, 
when she realized she had taken too much of our time.


Randy said…
You found her! Nice shot.
LD said…
$200 wow. Interesting she has a local connection. Amelia's one of my heroes. I wonder if she really was kept as a hostage on that island before she died?
cieldequimper said…
Oh I would have loved this!
Jacob said…
How very interesting. I've wondered for years what became of Amelia. We were supposed to meet for cocktails and ... well, I won't say any more ... but she never showed up. She was always kinda flighty!

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