Goat Rock Lake

Goat Rock Lake, Lee County, Alabama
Yesterday was TOMs b-day so we played hookie and went to the river.
TOM drowned a few worms and I took a few photos. I brought a book along, but never cracked it. 
It was a beautiful day. The temperatures were in the 70's and humidity was almost non-existent.
Catch of the Day - Relaxation
It doesn't get much better than this.
FYI, I had to climb over a stump and got tangled in some fishing line. 
My blackberry and I almost went into the water. 
TOM would have felt that was poetic justice. 
If you don't know what I am writing about, click here.


Randy said…
I love playing hookie to run off to places like this. Such a beautiful photograph.
Rambling Round said…
Perfect day to play hookie, I'd say, and the perfect place to go! Love those deep colors.
I haven't played hookie to do something like that before.... That looked like a ton of fun, be careful though!
Gunn said…
Beautiful colors,day and place!:)
Jacob said…
I know the Blackberry story! Heh, heh!

Not really too funny, though, as I just got a new smart phone - the Samsung Fascinate. Wouldn't want to lose it in the river.

What gorgeous colors here! Glad you had a good time. Our weather has improved, too. Ain't it wonderful?

I want also want to say that I really appreciated your comments on Colorado in Color. I didn't respond 'cause the comments didn't show up at first and I thought nobody was commenting...then all of a sudden comments showed up! I don't get it.

But thank you very much!

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