I'm Stumped

Are you?


Randy said…
Yes I am! That is a great reflections. Looks like some kind of alien ship.
Jacob said…
Well, I'm not stumped; I know exactly what to say:

That this is a stunning shot, with perfect symmetry, great colors, and superb reflection.

Keep it up and you'll soon become Alabama's greatest contemporary photog!
cieldequimper said…
Go on! Link it to Weekend Reflections! It's so gorgeous and it would be the second stump today!
Sylvia K said…
Fantastic! Really superb capture, glorious colors and a perfect reflection! So, no, don't guess I'm stumped either. I love it, Barbara! Have a super weekend!

'Tsuki said…
Great natural compostion ! The reflection of the autumn red leaves one the water aroud the stump give such a bright to picture... Nice framing !
Lesley said…
I was thinking of a phoenix rising...
Beautiful composition with the strong lines of the stump backed by the gorgeous soft reflection of autumn colors! Nice shot.

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