Main Post Chapel, Ft Benning - Now and Then

This chapel was completed in April 1935 for use by all denominations. Designed by a Columbus native, Philip Trammell Shutze in the Georgian Revival style. The chapel seats 400 and is still in use today. 
Scanned from Columbus, Georgia in Vintage Postcards by Kenneth Thomas


It is amazing how things change.
cieldequimper said…
I actually think it hasn't changed that much which is good! Beautiful church, wonderful colours!
Jacob said…
I agree with Ciel...the main structure looks very much the same now as it did in 1935. Wouldn't it be interesting to listen to the sermons preached there over the years?
Spiritual, reflective, a moment in time...

Just perfect for a the weekend. I'm with Jacob-- wondering if the sermons have changed!


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