Pretty Girls

Pretty girls at the festival. The beadwork was really beautiful and the designs were intricate. 
This group of girls stopped in front of during the opening ceremony.


Jacob said…
I was walking through one of our department stores this afternoon and noticed a whole new shipment of clothing for young people - teens...

It was all dirty looking and raggedy! Just awful.

Compare those clothes to these! Wow. Such design and color - I'd imagine just wearing them would tend to boost one's spirits!
Randy said…
Wonderful shot! I love the sound of those bell skirts.
Hilda said…
You know me and my fascination with indigenous designs. I would have loved to see these for myself!
cieldequimper said…
Oh that jingle dress! Oh to hear them dance the jingle dance! Love your new header too.
LD said…
Those costumes are truly works of art. I love that such traditions still exist.

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