Ramble in Linwood Cemetery

Tonight I am attending the Ramble in Linwood Cemetery. 
This is an annual fund raiser for the cemetery. As you 'ramble' through the cemetery, your tour guide will 
tell you stories of the 'residents'. This will be my first time attending this event. And if you can't 
walk or prefer to ride, golf cart tours also are available. 


Randy said…
Nice that's a first for me. I have never heard of a cemetery having a fundraiser.
cieldequimper said…
I'm like Randy. I'm looking forward to your stories! It looks like a very peaceful and lovely place to rest forever. I'm tempted to say something else but I'll refrain...
Jacob said…
I've not heard of such an event, but I would certainly jump at the opportunity to participate. Not to go would be the death of me!

So many stories and so many photographic possibilities. The only problem I see is that ghosts don't show up in the photographic medium. Or, so I've heard! ;-)
Rebecca Bush said…
Barbara, your photographs are wonderful! I'd like to talk to you about using this one in an exhibit at the Columbus Museum - could you please contact me at 748.2562, ext. 322 or rbush(at)columbusmuseum.com? Thank you!
Rebecca Bush

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