Saxy Jazz at the Seafood Festival

I have to admit that I am not particularly fond of Jazz, but this guy may have made me change my mind. 
He played 20 minute sets over the three hours we were there and he really knows what he's 
doing. I was not familiar with the songs, but they fit the atmosphere, or maybe he created the atmosphere.
TGIF everybody. 


Jacob said…
I don't like all jazz, but I think I would like whatever this guy's playing! Well, I do like saxes!
Randy said…
I on the other hand like jazz. Nice capture.
Jazz and seafood just go together. Great photo and I LOVE the Spanish moss!
didn't finish the last message.......That's the Spanish moss as well as the STUMP photo from earlier in the week!
cieldequimper said…
I too like jazz, at least New-Orleans jazz. Fantastic portrait!
cieldequimper said…
I meant: I too, like Randy...
Jacob said…
Hi your question on Colorado in Color: I know the gentleman to whom this truck and bottle isn't Jim nor is it Jack. I think it's Old Rotgut!
Jacob said…
Re your comment on The Villages: Very funny!!!
LD said…
Jazz is funny that way. It has so many variations from hot to cool it really depends on whose interpretation you hear. I'm a traditionalist. Great shot by the way!

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