Theme Day - Graffiti

Pretty generic, I know, but it fits the criteria and we don't have much graffiti around here. 
On the rocks near the Eagle and Phenix dam. 


Randy said…
Thanks for the smile! Nice photo.
Hilda said…
Thanks for the smile! :)

You are sooo lucky!
Jacob said…
You're lucky. I don't have any graffiti photos and couldn't think of where to find any graffiti in Ocala - I'm sure there must be some somewhere.

Perhaps, though, this isn't really graffiti; perhaps it is an ancient native American tribal symbol for achieving a good hunt?

Well, it's possible, right?



Grins to you, too!
bfarr said…
Jacob, it's interesting that you mention Native American signage. This location on the Chattahoochee River was the fishery for the Creek Indians that lived near the river.
Paula said…
I like this one, no apologies needed. And I'm happy you don't have to contend with it.

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