Town Square

Hamilton on the Square
Many small towns in rural Alabama and Georgia have a town square surrounded by businesses and churches. This is the town square of Hamilton, GA, incorporated in 1828. We have the requisite civil war memorial, an old cabin in the background, and the original fire bell for the town. During the last census, Hamilton had a population of 307 souls. Hamilton on the Square is across the street from the county court house. 
Hamilton is the county seat of Harris County, GA.


Jacob said…
Hamilton looks like a cute little town...with emphasis on the "little"!

I like town squares and this appears to be nicely done.

I think, however, I would go stark-raving mad if I had to live there...not because it's not nice, but because I need cities and anonymity and lots of things to do and places to go...

Love your photo!
Randy said…
It really does look cute. Can't wait to see more.
Virginia said…
I love these lovely town squares. I"m so glad many remain!
Hilda said…
307? Gosh, we have more households in our neighborhood! I have to echo Jacob's comment. I've realized that I'm a city girl through and through.

Pretty little square though.
cieldequimper said…
Well I like town squares and village greens. This is lovely!
Anonymous said…
You are then a small town. I like them and lived in one when I was born. Knew everyone. So nobody had secrets. I like the idea of the square. The photography is quite good.

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