Wet Paint

I didn't need an excuse to use the elevators in the parking garage. Although I generally park on the ground floor and using the stairs/elevator is usually a none issue. The stairwells were recently repainted and blocked off in case anyone couldn't smell the fresh paint.


Jacob said…
I would be one of those thinking about something else, and go blithely up the freshly painted stairs and railings never smelling the paint and possibly not even noticing all that sticky stuff on my hands and shoes!

Thanks for sharing some of your experiences on the base...maybe you could write a book...or at least an article for an Army or other military magazine...

"How it was back then...." I think you'd find some interest - you were there! And this is what happened! Some funny things!
cieldequimper said…
This is a fine graphic shot.

My Dad has lost all sense of smell lately so...

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