Benjamin Franklin White

Songwriter, editor, and teacher, he lived in Hamilton from 1843 to 1868. He was the mayor in 1865. 
In 1844, he published "The Sacred Harp" an acappella singing book currently in its 14th edition. 
He taught in a local academy, conducted singing schools, and organized singing conventions.
He died in Atlanta and is buried in Oakland Cemetery.


Jacob said…
Even I have heard of B.F. White ... he was quite a man!

Thanks, Barb, for your kind comment on Colorado in Color!

Hope you have a great Sunday!
Randy said…
Interesting post. Nice photo too.
Ron Penn teaches a Sacred Harp class at the Swannanoa Gathering in NC every summer. Didn't know it all get its start in your neck of the woods!
DoanLegacy said…
We used to go seeing the Indian Pow Wow upnorth. It was fun..

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