From the Outside Looking In

Today is the beginning of an extended 'holiday' week for me and I was lucky enough to get out of the office early. I went to Idle Hour Park and another park in PC to catch some of the fall color. Obviously, this is not overly colorful, but I do think the composition is interesting. I hope you do to. 
CDP Friends
If you have time, please click the Lighthouse card in the sidebar and vote. 
I am trying to win an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPod Nano.
Thank You, 


Randy said…
I love this photo and I think the colors are soft but quite nice.
Birdman said…
This is a wonderful image this morning.
Rambling Round said…
I love this picture, Barb.
Jacob said…
Hi Barb...

Love your new header and today's photo! Very well composed and very interesting.

I've tried to vote for you, but I cannot find the lighthouse in the pictures. I'm going to try again later...There are a couple of blank spots and I wonder if your pic disappeared into one of those...

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