Salem Cemetery

In Salem, AL on Hwy 431/280 West. 
Some of the headstones read: 
The maid isn't dead, but sleepeth
God's finger touched him and he slept
Sleep on darling little jewel, In thy lonely bed of rest, Where sorrow cannot reach thee, Or trouble molest


I am determined when i die to have an old-fashioned tombstone... complete with saying skull and cross bones and all.
Birdman said…
Old cemeteries have some of the most wonderful headstones and words.
Randy said…
I agree with Birdman, some of the old one have beautiful wording on them.
Jacob said…
Hmmm...saw the post, thought immediately of Salem, Massachusetts...spooky, eeirie.

Nah, I like cemeteries. They are great fun to browse through and read the inscriptions.

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