1012 2nd Avenue

1012 2nd Avenue in Uptown Columbus. 
I am always intrigued by this red door. I have no idea the business that takes place behind it. 
However, they are protected by Fuller Security and are wheelchair friendly. 
Happy Saturday : )


Steffe said…
It's a door that wants to be seen!
Lynette said…
Yes, I can see why this door attracted you. Great photo.
Randy said…
Nice entryway. Looks like a home from the 50's maybe 60's.
cieldequimper said…
It's a grand door in a way.
Jacob said…
Looks more like a home than a business...maybe it's a home for invalids? The door doth shout out its presence.

Re your comment on Florida: I'm sure he probably caught something. I've fished on those jetties and usually ended up catching my line on the rocks which then caused a lot of thrashing around after which I usually broke the line, etc.
So is it a home, or a business? With the wheelchair accessible sign, it looks more like a business. It also has a no smoking sign. Maybe it is a group home. Whatever, I like the entryway.

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