Building with no Name

Situated on the northwest corner of 12th Street and 1st Avenue
Currently being renovated as condos on the upper floors with business space on the ground floor. 
A Subway sandwich shop was located in this building until the location moved to Broadway. 
This building is where I found 19 1/2.


Jacob said…
I like. Probably wouldn't want to live there, though. Maybe if it contained a Subway. :-)

Re Cedar Key: Thousands of people cram onto the little island for the 2-day Seafood Festival. Great fun!

Re the Brazen Cafe: As I recall, we just stopped to buy some gas...there's nothing much around for miles and miles except some lonely little house trailers ...
Randy said…
Looks like a nice place to live. Nice photo!
Youth_in_Asia said…
That's just the type of building I'd like to live in. A lot of history. Great photo.
Kcalpesh said…
Beautiful structure!! Great perspective!!

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cieldequimper said…
But grand just what's needed.

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