The Canon Brew Pub

Over the last 15 years or so, the Uptown area of Columbus has been revitalized. Businesses are coming back to the area along with a plethora of restaurants. This restaurant, The Canon Brew Pub, was the brain child of my oldest son's high school shop teacher. When my son graduated from high school, he got a job digging out the basement of this building. They found numerous artifacts from the civil war, all of which are displayed throughout the restaurant. They make their own micro brews and regulars can purchase a mug with their name on it.
The Canon, called the Red Jacket, is also the name of the first brew produced in 1999. 


Jacob said…
Very cool, Barb. Love the background story here, and that cannon is priceless! I hope they take it in at night!

Looks like a very fun place! Love the colors on that door, too.
cieldequimper said…
Methinks I'd love that place.
Jacob said…
Hi Barb...I think I should have done more research on Wet 'n Wild before I posted that picture on Florida Fotos.

32 years ago, hmmm? That's a long time.

We just hardly ever get down to Orlando so I'm not sure what's happened to some of these places of years gone by. From what I understand, though, Wet 'n Wild is now part of Universal Orlando. I'll bet that old one is long gone!
Rambling Round said…
Charming, and those Civil War relics make it even more so.

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