Dunn's Antiques and Auctions

A few of the items for sale at Dunn's Antiques and Auctions in Reynolds, GA. We did not go inside, but they had a few interesting items outside. I really got a kick out of the arcade rides. Back in the day, for $.25 you could ride Dino the Dinosaur, a mini ferris wheel, or the iconic pony. 
Oh, I almost forgot, Happy New Year everyone. See you next year.


Here's to another great year with the City Daily Photo community. I've really enjoyed Phenix City [Alabama] Daily Photo!

Jan (& Dave)
Greensboro, NC
Birdman said…
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Birdman said…
I love your choices in this montage. Yes, HNY 2011.
Jacob said…
I love to look through these places, although I usually don't buy anything. What's scary, though, is what they call "antique" is what I grew up with! So what does that make me? Don't answer!! :-)
Shirley Dunn said…
I just ran across this site. Thanks for all the great pics of our little town and the Antique Store. We also have a flea Market directly across from the old Depot. We are open on Week-ends, Thursday - Saturday 9-5 in both location except 1 week in the middle of June. I hope you will visit again soon and tell your friends. Thanks again, Dunns Antiques and Flea Market. For more info: 478-956-4266

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