A Few Doors Down

From the Canon is this new outdoor shop, The Outside World. According to their website they sell boats, clothing, and camping gear. I have never been in there, but I might have to check them out. They also sell something called the 'unshoe', which look very similar to the toe socks of days gone by. 
This cute bird sculpture is new on the block too. I mentioned a while back that many of the sidewalk art installations were being changed. I'm glad they brought this guy out. He makes me feel happy. 


Randy said…
Now that's a happy little bird. Nice find.
cieldequimper said…
Looks like a cool little alley with shops and I love the bird sculpture.
Jacob said…
I would enjoy the shop, I think. But the bird is fantastic. It's so "flighty" and funky - just lots of fun! Brightens up the whole area and makes you feel good.
Steffe said…
He sure looks like a happy bird.
Cute bird!

The unshoes look pretty crazy. I think it would drive me nuts to have something between my toes.

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