Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Presbyterian Church - Now and Then

Located at 1100 1st Avenue. Built in 1862 and added to the historic register in 1980. My picture was taken from 2nd Avenue looking west. The postcard is the front of the building looking east. 
Looking for something fun to do on Monday nights. Free line and ballroom dance lessons start at 6:00 EST. 
Vintage postcard from the collection of Pat Sabin


Alain Alexandre said...

places of prayer, its always, exchanges between people, photos are timeless

Randy said...

It was quite grand in the old days.

LD said...

Interesting. I like "then and now" photos (probably for the same reason I like "before and after" photos) I sort of like the church now in white. Very Mayberry RFD

cieldequimper said...

A beautiful, beautiful church. Has it been whitewashed?

Greensboro Daily Photo said...

Love now and then shots. If it weren't for power lines, the photos would look a lot more alike.

Now and then would be a fun theme for city daily photo. I guess "then" is not always east to come by.

Jacob said...

I always enjoy "then and now" shots. It really hasn't changed a lot over the years, and is a very beautiful structure.