Reynods, GA Train Depot

A nicely maintained structure now being used as a public library. 
The roof looks to be the original, multi-colored slate tiles. 
Reynolds is surrounded by orchards; peach and pecan. 
After a hard day at the library, you can run out the back door to the Steelhorse for a brew, 
some Q, followed by some dancin'.
Does that mean the Steelhorse is on the 'wrong side of the tracks'? 


Randy said…
What a cute little station it is too.
cieldequimper said…
This is strange for me as it looks a lot like buildings over here, in Eastern France!
Lynette said…
What a couple of great photos from Reynolds. Certainly makes me want to go to every place mentioned and photographed. Nice!
Or is the library on the wrong side of the tracks?
Jacob said…
Beautiful. I'm so glad that the structure was restored and put to good use. So many of these old train stations have gone to ruin.

Nice one can hop from the library to a saloon.

I remember years ago there was a bar in Southern Wisconsin called "The Office." The joke was, of course, that when your spouse called to ask why you weren't home yet, you said you were at the "office."

Beautiful photo, Barb!

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