R.P. Spencer, 1908

Richard Perry Spencer II was born on January 11, 1846, in Columbus, GA to Richard and Laura Yonge Spencer. He married Ida Tunstall Speed in 1879 in Canton, Mississippi, and they had four children. Mr. Spencer served with the confederate army during the civil war and after the war he found employment with the Georgia Home Insurance Company. He was employed by the Georgia Home Insurance Company for thirty three years at which time he resigned his position and formed the Phoenix Bank. He served as president of the Phoenix Bank until his death in 1920. He died on May 30, 1920, and he is buried in Linwood Cemetery in Columbus, Georgia.
(From the Archives of the Chattahoochee Valley Libraries)
I am making an assumption that this is the Phoenix Bank building founded by Mr. Spencer. 
I like the details of this building.


Jacob said…
I'd say you made a pretty good assumption! Love these old buildings. This looks similar to what you'd find in The Villages, only while the buildings in The Villages might have dates like "1879," they are only between 15-30 years old!
Alain Alexandre said…
architecture that will last longer than you
Randy said…
What a beautiful old building. Wonderful character.

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