Santa and the Mrs.

The structures on this table were made by amateur's, but that does not make them any less interesting or creative. I really got a kick out this one. We have brown sugar sand, and fondant (or maybe modeling chocolate) Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Rudolph. Their beach towels are made of Hershey's chocolate bars. 
And when they get thirsty they can just hop over to the Tiki bar for a margarita or mai smoothie.


Jacob said…
Some amateurs! This looks like a professional job to me! So cute. In fact, it looks good enough to eat!
Steffe said…
I have a flickr photo named ginger bread house pattern. This time of the year it's always a popular photo. This looks very good
Randy said…
The antlers in the first photo look tasty. Great shot!
LD said…
Oh wow that's hilarious! Love the goldfish crackers swimming in the ocean. Santa must have slimmed down for bathing suit season
cieldequimper said…
This is great!

I've just had breakfast and you're making me hungry all over again!
Nathalie said…
This is so creative, and very humorous!

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