Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time - Theme Day

Antique clock on the Iron Bank building in Columbus, GA. 
I think it is in the Deco style with stained glass.
I know this is a less than creative interpretation of time, but I think the juxtaposition of the 
modern art and the antique clock create an anachronism (had to get that in...a recent word of the day).
But wait, this may be a better representation of the theme than I thought. 


Jacob said...

What great framing of a beautiful clock. Your theme shot is one of the best, Barb!

LD said...

That is really neat. Looks very turn of the century when they actually crafted building facades and had masterful detail - like that clock. Great photo!

Randy said...

What a great old clock. You don't see stuff like this very much.

cieldequimper said...

Superb photograph. Wow.

Anonymous said...

And I see another theme for the week, "metal." You've got some great photographs with metal in them!