Wednesday, January 5, 2011

12th Street Deli

This interesting fellow greets you at the door of the 12th Street Deli.
Open daily for lunch, I recommend the box lunch: a sandwich and two sides. 
I like the chicken salad sandwich on WW toast with cucumber salad and a fruit cup. 
Or if you looking form some dessert, you can try the Turtle Brownies or a slice of cheescake. 


Jacob said...

First off, re Jezebel's: Why did you say tattoo parlor? It's not that, rather a boutique for "flirty" women or something. Check it out, here:

What's really funny, though, is the shop right next door is called Doc of Rock and is a head shop and tattoo parlor and it is owned by the woman who runs Jezebel's and her husband.

I had no idea!

Jacob said...

I think I would like this deli and lot and I would like the same things you like!


Randy said...

Cucumber salad! I am so there. Sounds wonderful.

Greensboro Daily Photo said...

Congratulations on your "rebranding." Love it! Are you still part of the city daily photo community? Sure hope so. You should hold a blog get-together in this deli!!!