Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bridges and Benches

Another part of the nature trail at Idle Hour Park. This stretch is actually my favorite part of the trail. You have the bench if you tired and want to sit. The burbling water in the creek. It is also the lowest point on the trail and it is all uphill from here. Better get moving. 


cieldequimper said...

Not yet, I'd like to enjoy this a moment longer please! :-)

Jacob said...

When you get so old that it's all downhill from here, it's really hard to turn about and go uphill!

So, I'd probably have to sit on that bench and contemplate the situation in which I find myself.

Nah...I'd follow you around and take a bunch of photos!

Re your comment on Florida Fotos: Unless you're made of money you wouldn't be able to afford much on Worth Avenue. This is for the elites of society...

It's an old photo. When we lived in Ft. Lauderdale, we loved to drive up to Palm Beach and look in the windows along Worth Avenue!